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The love and appreciation of Vietnamese cuisine is a global affair. The delicate balance of savory and sweet, the textures of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the use of aromatic herbs and spices lead to dishes unique and unrivaled in the world of gastronomy.

Brought to you by the proprietors of Tamarine Restaurant & Gallery, Tammy Huynh and Tanya Huynh Hartley, Tam Tam Restaurant is a new regional Vietnamese concept that takes you directly to the heart and soul of traditional Vietnamese cooking. The light and balanced flavors of Hanoi, the colorful dishes and bountiful spices of Hue, and the melange of fruits, vegetables, and herbs of Saigon are all represented to showcase the regional diversity of Vietnam. These traditional dishes, blended with Chef Tammy’s inspirations, will excite the palate and transport your senses on a gastronomic journey.